Monday, December 28, 2009

HaPpY MoOd

Ade orang sangat happy hari ini




happiness level = 100% (maybe exceed la...haha)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

9.30 a.m.

woke up..I slept more than 10 hours due to
the tiredness of doing lab....
breakfast n online for awhile...

11.00 a.m.

discussion for biotech ( guys, don't forget that we need to submit individual assignment and

1-2 pages proposal for group project on Tuesday...

12.00 p.m.

went to the lab...I was standing at sink for
3 hours washing SPEEK...
still can't get neutral pH...huh~

3.00 p.m.

went to visit Lia, Syawa n Peep at their lab...

borak2 for awhile....then balik bilik...

6.30 p.m.

went for dinner with Lia, Syawa n Peep...

I ate Prosperity Burger..YeaY!!

9.00 p.m.

went for a movie at mbo...
"Alvin and the Chipmunks 2" our choice....

cute la chipmunks n chipettes...... :-P
plan of watching Avatar next time....

10.30 p.m.

after movie-ing, we went for supper.....
(I ate a lot's ok la coz i didn't take lunch...hehe)

12.30 a.m.

do biotech assignment.....
at the same time update blog... =)

2.00 a.m.

feel sleepy....I sleep at ktdi tonight
(atas katil Mimi..hehe) ~~~zzZZZ

~Nitez n Bye~


Merry Christmas

P/S : Papa, Mama n Koko....faster come leh....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

@ DOWN @

hari ini memang I xde mood...

(due to some reasons)

tgh hari pon xde selera nak mkn...

sori kalo I x senyum hari ini...

then report trip kena edit lg... :(

mlm kena change title....


besok jumpe SV, xtau de akn
bg ape "surprise" kt kami....


tiba2 rse beratnye beban atas bahu I......




P/S: Papa, Mama, Koko faster come....!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

She is the one who I can tell anything to

She is the one who will always SMS me
during sem break
n asked :"Min, u bwt ape?"

otherwise my hp would silent like log during
the entire holidays
(cian kn?? huhu)

She is the one who I will do anything for
if she ask for my help

She is the one who I feel comfortable to be with

She is the one who I choose to be my friend forever

SHE IS.......


Mimi is the first Malay coursemate who I close with
since 1st year till now

Mimi n I have strong instinct between each other

Often, what we choose or think are exactly the same

Yet, she likes PURPLE n I like BLUE


One interest thing I want to mention here.....

Mimi n I like to talk louder to each other

People might think we are fighting

But that's our way to communicate

My theory is~~

Only best friend will talk in that way

It shows the strong bond between us.....

Mimi n I like to "Secret Recipe" to each other too
(Mi,bile nak "Secret Recipe" lg??)

We will graduate in four months time

I hope our friendship will not end like that

But will last forever..............

Mimi, I love to have u as my best friend

and hope same goes to u....

~Friendship Forever~

Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 Dec 2009

Mimi: Min, meh r dtg bilek...

Min: OK...jap lg I dtg la...

Mimi: Min, cepat r dtg...

Min: Yela...tgh nak siap ni....

Mimi: Oraitto!!

Sampai jer bilek Mimi,
I terus ketuk pintu dgn kuatnye.... :-D

Lia, Peep n Ika ade kat situ jgk....
Lps tu kami terus borak2...lame x jumpe la kn...hehe
then some1 suggest pegi karaoke di U-Mall...
of coz kami semua setuju la...
siap ade org angkat kaki...HAHA

around 5pm++ kami pon bertolak la...
ni 1st time I bwk motor pegi Tmn U...nervous la jgk...
selamatnye sampai di U-Mall terus kami menuju ke Bintang Gemilang....
I, Mimi, Lia n Peep 1 bilik.....
Ain, Syawa n Ika 1 bilik....
byk jgk lagu kami nyanyi....sedap la suara kami...hehe
after puas nyanyi, kena isi plak perut kami yg berbunyi-bunyi tu...
SINGGORA - pilihan kami....

aktiviti pada mlm plak - tgk ceter!!!
Ain n Syawa x join kitorg....
kami tgk ceter "Dead And Gone" yg ambik drp Toha pd mlm tu jgk...
xphm sgt la ceter ni la...dh la ade sikit lucah...huhu~~
lps tu kami pon tido la sbb terlalu penat kn....
I ber"camping" kat bilek Mimi mlm tu.....=)

13 Dec 2009

hari ni kami bgn pd pukul 11....
sebenarnye plan nak mkn roti canai pagi ni....
tapi bgn lewat kn x jadi la....
after siap, makan tgh hari kat Meranti....
lps tu balik bilek Mimi sambung borak2....hehe
bosan plak borak2.....
Lia n Peep pon bace la paper sambil gossip2 psl Remy n Ummie....
I dgn Mimi?
kami dgn semangatnye siapkan resume....Bangganye~~

aktiviti pada ptg ni - masak2 steamboat n mkn ramai2.....
sempat lg jgk kami celebrate birthday Mimi, Sheila n Dilah....
lps siap kemas, I pon balik la bilek....

Ceter Habis~~

Besok start la new sem.....

all the best ya Friends for ur PSM 2........

Ganbatte Neh~~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to Abbas
happy birthday to you





otanjyoubi omedeto
otanjyoubi omedeto

otanjyoubi omedeto Abbas san
tanjyoubi omedeto



Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This is my first time....

I mean first time to bake a cake by myself....

before this my mum always will stay by my side to assist me...

but this time, I make it totally by myself...
(a bit proud of it...haha~~)

maybe u would say that it's kacang la to bake a cake...

but for a first learner like me,it's not so easy lo~~

it needs skills n experience....

So I'm so happy with it coz I hv succeed liao!!!

~Butter Cocoa Cake~


1 Buttercup
5 Eggs
250 g of Sugar
250 g of Flour
1 teaspoon of Baking Powder
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
2 teaspoons of Milo Powder


1) Using speed mixer, mix the butter, sugar and vanilla essence. Stir until puffing.
2) Next, add the eggs one by one. Stir until well-mixed.
3) After that, add the flour and baking powder. Stir until well-mixed.
4) Add Milo powder with a little bit of hot water. Then add it into the mixture.
5) Put it in the oven and bake for 45 minutes.

Nah..give u a piece of cake~~

hmm...I know my cake is not as tasty as those sold in the cake house...

but, I satisfy with it liao...

coz for me, the taste is good~~


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Right One

Hi everyone....

I'm feeling so good staying at home....
however, next week hv to go back UTM again liao.....
sob sob sob.....
hmm...anyway, I can meet my friends there again also....
so happy la jugak~~~ hee....

Suddenly feel like wanna share a song with u guys...
it is a chinese song (not a new song), a love song.....
its melody n lyrics are beautiful....I like very much~~
Guys, enjoy ya~~

Artist: 戴愛玲 Dai Ai Ling

Song: 對的人 The Right One

You ask my heart

if it's still distress.

That time (when I) was hurt,

(I've) overrule the good in love.

Thank you for your concern,

everything is fine.

It's not complicated

with one person.

愛雖然 很美妙
Although love is very beautiful

(you) can't fall in a swamp again

because of loneliness.

(You) need to wait patiently

(and) look attentively for love.

Feeling is very important.

(I'd) rather be empty-handed

(and) wait next time

for a real embrace.

I believe that in this world,

(I) will meet

the right person appearing

in the corner of my eye.

That time when I cried,

it let me learn

how to give a blessing

(and) how to not turn around.

(I) experience embracing myself

in (my) tears.

Love is not an essential,

it's a kind of comparison.

愛雖然 很美妙
Although love is very beautiful

(you) can't fall in a swamp again

because of loneliness.

(You) need to wait patiently

(and) look attentively for love.

Feeling is very important.

(I'd) rather be empty-handed

(and) wait next time

for a real embrace.

I believe that in this world,

(I) will meet

the right person appearing

in the corner of my eye.

How much are you willing to

put out for love?

(And will you) not hold a grudge and how much (you'll) get in return?

When I've thought clearly,

I'm already ready

to let go and love


(You) need to wait patiently

(and) look attentively for love.

Feeling is very important.

(I'd) rather be empty-handed

(and) wait next time

for a real embrace.

I believe that in this world,

(I) will meet

the right person appearing

in the corner of my eye.

(You) need to wait patiently

(and) look attentively for love.

Feeling is very important.

(I'd) rather be empty-handed

(and) wait next time

for a real embrace.

I believe that in this world,

(I) will meet

the right person appearing

in the corner of my eye.

PS: I couldn't upload the music video...internet damn slow....Sori2~~

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hari ini mama xde kt rumah

so I plak kena masak

walaupon I masak x sedap mcm mama masak

tapi bley tahan la...hehe

at least my cousins said OK
(children won't tell lies...hee)

but still need to improve my skills la...

Next, I nak blaja bwt cookies n cakes

Wish me luck ok!! hehe~~

@Kat Dapur@

Today's Menu

It's time to watch TV
What a relax life

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Long time didn't eat home cooked meal lo.....

Today,my mum cooked my favourite dish...

let's take a look...... :-)

Chef: My Mum

Assistant Chef: Her lovely daughter (hehe)

dish 1 : Sup ABC
Ingredients : Chicken, carrot, mushroom, Sichuan vegetable

dish 2 : Salted vegetable masak dgn roasted pork

dish 3 : Fried chicken, hotdog n fish cake

dish 4 : Goreng ikan tenggiri

dish 5 : Dessert
Inside got many ingredients but i dunno what they called in English..
see yourself lo..hee

Simple dish but I like very much....

Thank you Mama....=)

PS: Gonna go to JB 2moro, accompany my friend interview...
wish him luck!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ThE MoMEnt tO share

Venue: Semarang~Jakarta~Bandung~Yogjakarta

Date: 16-29 Nov 2009

Description: ~H.A.P.P.Y~

Hidung sape lg mancung?? hehe

with two macho guys :-)

YuMMy YumMy

OoPs!! kerol,u pegang ape?? hee...

two comel Girls~~


P/S: Guys, when's our next vocation?? :-P

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Malu Malu

Pendek jer...

sbb u rapat dgn i...

kalo x....

bkn saja tumbuk2, tp @#$%..............


PS: OH malunye~~~~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Post ni I nak tulis dlm BM

sbb ader orang kate kalo ader feel tulis dlm BM

Just do it n we are 1 Malaysia what...

You're right man!! hee......

"Happy birthday to you.....
Happy birthday to you......
Happy birthday to..............
Happy birthday to you...."

setiap kali dengar birthday song mesti I rase sedih...

sbb setiap kali nyanyi smpai baris yg ke-3 tu mesti bkn name I...

percaya x? I dh 23 tahun ni...

baru 4 kali mase birthday I ader kek n birthday song.....

kali pertama paling I terharu n surprise....

I still remember mase tu I br pulang dr PLKN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara)

then 3 juniors kampung I (mase tu dorg Form 5, I nak masuk Form 6) yg cute bwk kek smpai rumah I......

terharunye.....1st time I dpt potong kek birthday....huhu

yg lg 3 kali tu malas nak cerita.....hehe

Tp xper la....I dh biase....birthday ni tiap2 tahun ader......

xyah la celebrate...(izzit from the bottom of my heart???)..hehe...

Tp I rase bersyukur la sbb tiap2 tahun I akan dpt jugak birthday wish drp family dan kawan2...tu dh cukup sbb dorg igt birthday I.... :-)

PS: Ok sambung study....dh puas dh luahkan perasaan...hee

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What A Relief~~


finished PSM presenation

what a relief~~~

FYI, Prof Ani was not attending the presentation just now....

How lucky we are!!!  hehe....

however,she will be around during presentation this afternoon...

so good luck ya friends at the afternoon section...all the best...:-)

hmm..although I was not so good during presentation
and got question dunno hw to answer...

yet whatever it is.....I feel so relief.....

and I m happy now~~~


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Monday, October 26, 2009


time shows 4.04am now

I haven't slept yet

I was happy today

because finally make it to eat Ayam Penyet (dunno since when didn't eat it...huhu)

and because of...............(secret....shh~~~) hehe

although someone said I m putting on my weight...

still I'm happy today....hehe

*Guys, good luck n all the best for the coming PSM presentation!!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

~Bosom Friend~

everyone needs friends

so am i

but i have only a few of them

recently I have a new gang of friends

although jz 2 or 3 of them..huhu

they are one who I can rely on

they will try their best to help me whenever I need them

I really appreciate it.....

left not much time for us to be together

after this all of us will go on our own path

so cherish the moment with you guys


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Saturday, October 17, 2009


"Twinkle twinkle little star

how I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle twinkle little star"

suddenly feel so lonely

feel like looking stars in the sky

this is the time for us

to be more understanding

to be more tolerant

I am willing to help but don't know how

that's the problem

trust me I'll try my best~~~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why don't you understand??

Am I stupid as what you said??

sigh sigh sigh

I'm sorry to talk louder to you just now

I know I shouldn't talk to you in that way

I don't meant to do so

I just can't control

I'm Sorry.....

I just hope that you understand me

I am bigger enough

I know what I am doing

And I know what you have done is a sign of LOVE

Because I love you too

Sunday, October 11, 2009

after suffering with non-stop tonnes of assignments n tests...

finally I can enjoy n relax....

yesterday went to Gunung Ledang Waterfall berfoya-foya.....

happy n best!!! :-D

at night....

I went for a movie - Papadom a malay movie....

went with whom??

as usual la...kerol, abbas, bye, n ema...

I suggest other Chinese to go n watch this movie also....

maybe u (Chinese) would think that it is a waste of money to watch malay movie in cinema....

n a bit weird for Chinese to watch malay movie....

But it is really a nice go for it OK...=)

hmm...something to share...

if ur dad is just like the father in the story...

although he is annoying sometimes...

but please don't got a bad feeling on what he has done to u...

because he loves u!!

I do hope HE could do the samething to me.......

Papadom - nice movie to regrets!!

today, a beautiful Sunday ..... :-P

went beraye at Dr Shawal's house.....

I'm the only Chinese there....(1 Malaysia what..hee)

the food is so delicious....puas mkn2...hehe

these are just part of the photos...others havent got it...

kerol n min

bye strawberry n min peanut... :-D

We Are Golden.....hehe

Traffic light??but seems like wrong sequence...haha

best beraye...

after beraye at Dr Shawal's house....

went for a movie AGAIN!!!----"Sorority Row"

waa...2 days berfoya-foya...forget about all those BOOKS....

BUT I LIKE IT!!! thumbs UP....

okok...2moro only start preparing for the bioreactor test, PSM presentation n coming final exam....huhu...

OK, that's it....

wanna watch Upin & Ipin....TATA... :-P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

have u came across with these situations before??

what u hope or look forward to...cannot be achieved...

the person who u care dun realize that u are actually concern about him/her....


So, dun expect too much...or else u are the one who will get hurt at the end....

Yet, it is harder to do so....

that's what we called LIFE~~~

p/s: Happy Mooncake Festival to everyone....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi everyone, long time no r u guys?? hehe...

During Raye break, I went for a 1 week trip to Vietnam....


1) to visit my bro who works there....
2) beraye there ( aku nak raye jugak...hee2...)

Now, let's follow me...i'll tell u my whole trip through pics....

  • Before departing to Vietnam...

I took this boat to Singapore
kerol, this is not sampan OK!! I don't need to berdayung, got engine la...
btw, u r so funny la when u acted berdayung yesterday, especially ur laughings..hahaha

Reached Singapore Changi International Airport (budget terminal)

I'm flying to Vietnam!!! byeeeeeeeeee.....

  • Arriving Vietnam...
Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City

Depart from airport to my bro's apartment...

rest for awhile....

after that, my bro brought us jln2 at Ho Chi Minh town...

this is my dinner on that day...yummy yummy :-D
beef noodles ( in their language called Pho)

City Hall of Ho Chi Minh

  • Ho Chi Minh City 1 day tour.....
@ War Museum

@ Post Office

@ Church

@ Independence Palace

  • Cao Dai Temple + Cu Chi Tunnels 1 day trip

Cao Dai Temple

This is their God--The Eye

During the Prayer

Inside the tunnels...very hot~~~

  • Mekong Delta 1 day trip

Floating Market

My mom n I on the boat

I like this pic...hehe

back to Ho Chi bro off work le....
time to eat!!! =)

Eating seafood...thumbs up!!!

Trying the Vietnam Beer--333 Beer :-P

  • Last Day in Vietnam.....

At downstairs of my bro's apartment

My bro kesayangan n I

Our breakfast--Wantan Noodles...
again thumbs up!!! :-D


An Dong Plaza

Xiao Jia, bro n I

Go temple BaiBai ( pray)

Try the Vietnam local traditional food

Entrance of the restaurant..its decoration is very nice

Barbecue...kenyang2 =)

On the next day, we set out to Malaysia...

it is a wonderful trip indeed....

because I was very very happy..... :-D

OK, That's it....tata everyone

study Pollution....+_+

p/s: only a few photos uploaded due to short of time n the speed of internet...huhu
feel free to go my facebook to have a look...i got uploaded a lot there...hehe


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