Friday, August 28, 2009

I Hope

I hope......

HE could change his attitude, his behavior

I hope......

SHE could have enough rest, don't need to work so hard

I hope......

I could do something to make a difference

I hope......

WE could have a happy life

It's just that simple

I hope......

p/s : selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim Friends.... :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yesterday we, a group of six (shufen, siew bee, pauline, yijun, peiying n junmin) had an enjoyable one day trip to Tanjung Piai (the southern most tip of mainland Asia) in conjunction with Shu Fen's birthday...

we purposely went there to see the sunrise as this was one of Shu Fen's birthday wishes...

we departed from UTM at 3.30am and it took about one and an half hour to reach there...

although we almost lost our way, yet we managed to reach our destination eventually...(luckily, hehe...^_^ )

this was my first experience to see the rising of the i intend to see it again at Balai Cerapan...anyone wanna join me?? hehehe....

then, we went Taman Negara Tanjung Piai...of course, we took a lot of funny photos there...

this trip to the southern most tip of Asia was so "Memorable" for me...WHY???

because I was attacked by a group of MONKEYS!!!!

luckily I managed to save myself by throwing a packet of MAMEE to them...

actually there was one of us being attacked too...

well, she had left me alone to confront with the monkeys...GERAMnya....(forget it la since i m safe now, if not i'll @#$%^)...haha

after taking pictures satisfactorily at Taman Negara, we went for lunch at Kukup (it is just 3 km from Tanjung Piai)...we ate seafood but the food was not delicious at all!!!....wasted my money~~~ >.<

it has came to the end of the trip...although all of us were exhausted, but it was an enjoyable and memorable trip indeed...(except the scene of being attacked by monkeys...huhu)

Let's take a look to the pictures....ENJOY~~~ :-P

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm using Maxis Broadband now!!!

Celcom Broadband really let me down

I have no choice, yet have to say "bye celcom...."

for your information, the speed of maxis is very2 fast compared to celcom lo...=)

Maxis, hope you won't let me down ok...hehe....

Oh ya, i have something important that must be mentioned here...

Thanks 凯儒 for bringing me to terminate
celcom broadband
and buy Maxis broadband.....

Sorry for occupying your free time.....

I really appreciate your kindness.....:-)

Thank you very much


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wanna Be Myself

Life is difficult

We can't make everyone satisfy with us

sometimes we don't even realize that
our words and deeds had made people felt hurt

In fact, we don't have intentional to do so

Sorry to say that we are different channel and
don't have the same topic to chat to

My heart is still feeling uncomfortable now

Am I wrong???

Why got so many things that we have to bother?

I just wanna complete my final year happily and enjoyably

I just wanna be myself

Is that so difficult???

Live and enjoy the moment...hope so

If I had made you hurt before

"I'm So Sorry"
"Minta Maaf"

still finding mood to study bioreactor...arh...>_<


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