Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

First Day:

Orientation by HR officer and get the 2 weeks training schedule...together with me is another fresh grad....he is a "banana", looks like a Malay but is pure chinese..haha..both of us kept on walking around the factory to find our trainer according to the schedule...I have given my own desk but PC is not ready yet....1st day is kinda boring because I jz gone through briefings n briefings...however, I get to know some new friends...hee~~
a lot of things I need to learn later on, so must be very hardworking...one thing have to mention here, most of the people there are very friendly and helpful.....:-)

Second Day:

Same like 1st day....but today is quite interesting...we met Mr Nazrul while me n Doou Han were walking around the factory....he is from Bangladesh and has 14 years working experiences there...he is friendly and willing to bring us get familiar with the production process...he explained to us the whole process...I was so excited when he wanna bring us to get close to the oven to see the process..the environment is sooooooooo hot....huhu~~

besides that, I have attended the Production Dept daily meeting...the GM kept on asking why this happened?? how to solve this problem?? You guys didn't do a good job....wahhhh....later on I will go through this also...so be prepared Min...huhu~~

Third Day:????
hopefully will be more interesting...... :-)

My ID card. If you fail to show this card all the time, you will kena denda jz like you don't wear Matric Card...huhu

~full stop~


  1. avid gunner said...
    wallawey! good luck, ok? don't forget to sell my name during next meeting!
    MinMin said...
    thanks..ok..how to sell??haha...

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